SRg Programmes

Strategy Regeneration has a myriad of programmes and offerings and is able to adjust to the needs of the client in their search to innovate, create change and implement within their organizations.

BlueToolKit Offer:

  • BlueToolKit Basic with no intervention – this offer is for the Do-it-Yourselfer who is interested in innovation. The BlueToolKit provides Step-by-Step instructions on how to use each tool and why you are using it. Along with some helpful hints to help get you through the process. You can access the tools at and sign up for an account.
  • BlueToolKit Classic provides access to the BlueToolKit as well as the SRg team in the form of day sessions with your company and follow-up work in the form of conference calls and meetings tailored specifically to the needs of your company.




Value Innovation Programmes (VIP) – Delivering Blue Ocean Opportunities

This programme focuses on companies who wish to develop their key staff to innovate and gain a new set of skills. Targeted at mid to senior level managers and high-potentials, VIP takes participants on a 3-month discovery journey, after which they are able to deliver Blue Ocean Opportunities.

Value Innovation Program includes:

  • Academic lead
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Coaches
  • Executive Committee Buy-in Meeting
  • Milestone Meetings
  • Exploration phase
  • Visual Strategy Fair
  • Access to the BlueToolKit
  • Strategy Regeneration’s Platform




The Desk is a Dangerous Place to View the World

A one-day learning journey through the streets of major cities to challenge how you think about innovation. The key objective is to illustrate that innovation does not come from creative genius but rather by looking at familiar things in a different way.


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Our Vision

Strategy Regeneration’s vision is to create practical learning experiences that empower you to innovate. We enable leaders and managers to free up their organization so as to effectively innovate, thus releasing the full potential of those around them. We aim to continually develop our process to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. We work with our clients to transform their companies, ensuring customers, employees, shareholders and the community alike all gain. Building on the concept of Value Innovation, SRg developed in-company programmes designed to help companies break free from current thinking; constraints, and paradigms. We help companies find value and profit where none seemed possible.

SRg has a proven track record. We have achieved significant results across a range of industries including Banking, Chemicals, Insurance, Food and Beverage, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Education, Electronics, Logistics and Hospitality.

At SRg we leverage our unique expertise to create transformational experiences for individuals and organizations, though the use of case studies; syndicate group work, practical in field experience; interactive teaching methodologies. SRg’s tools and methodologies are practical and easily assimilated.



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Our Clients

Strategy Regeneration’s clients vary in size, region and industry.  To date, our clients have consisted of international small-cap, mid-cap and Fortune Global 500 companies.  We are currently developing an offer that will allow us to engage entrepreneurs.   As a team, we have worked on projects in 10 different industries within 32 countries, including 18 in the Europe, 6 in Asia, 4 in the Middle East, 2 in Africa, 1 in North America and 1 in South America with companies whose combined revenues last year represented $150 billion and 375,000 employees.


Our clients include:

Astra Zeneca

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Johnson & Johnson

Janssen Cilag



Sorin Group

Starwood Hotels & Resorts


Countries we have worked in:

EUROPE - UK,France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Austria, Albania.

MIDDLE EAST -Turkey, Egypt, UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai)

AFRICA - Kenya, and Tanzania

ASIA – India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China




Companies with whom our team members have worked:




Van Lanschot Bankiers
















Pernod Ricard



Starwood Hotels & Resorts










Sorin Group



Astra Zeneca

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Johnson & Johnson

Janssen Cilag



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“Blue Ocean Strategy has been instrumental to charting our company’s future.  The Strategy Regeneration team masterfully guided us to look beyond our very competitive market place and redefine our business concept.  Their experience and approach allowed us to identifying the noncustomer and with their Desk is Dangerous methodology we were able to extract deep insights that are crucial to our growth strategy.”  PFIZER


“Professor Jens Meyer and Strategy Regeneration have done an excellent job in helping us to apply the frameworks of value innovation.  Jens and the team are both practical and strategic – they have taught us the theory of value innovation and have driven us to execute the programs and the strategies that we developed.  We have found the work to be invaluable.”  AVIVA


“Strategy Regeneration’s expertise in conducting market explorations showed us that asking the right questions of customers and noncustomers is critical to getting insight into new value curves.  The value innovation process brought to light information about what customers were really saying that they wanted.  Strategy Regeneration led my team to new and different thinking about how to structure our offerings.”  STARWOOD


“I found the value innovation theory and methodology to be immensely interesting and of immediate practical use.”  AXA



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