The BlueToolKit© is for people who are seeking to innovate within their companies using value innovation. This online interactive toolkit is designed to help people understand where their barriers to utility are within their offering, who those barriers are affecting, what kind of alternatives exist to their product or service and who their noncustomers are. All the while focusing on how to make the competition irrelevant through a cost down value up approach.

Since innovation can be a very messy process, many business professionals find it difficult. Innovation can often be at odds with the status quo of the organization’s current way of conducting business. Innovation always pushes for new boundaries and Innovative strategies can take time to show results. Each of these challenges put extra pressure on business executives to the point where they can find themselves working outside of their comfort zones.

The BlueToolKit is meant to guide the the user or users through the tools in a more interactive and practical way. Although they may face controllable and uncontrollable challenges along the way, in the end as long as they stay with the process they will be able to value innovate.