“Blue Ocean Strategy has been instrumental to charting our company’s future.  The Strategy Regeneration team masterfully guided us to look beyond our very competitive market place and redefine our business concept.  Their experience and approach allowed us to identifying the noncustomer and with their Desk is Dangerous methodology we were able to extract deep insights that are crucial to our growth strategy.”  PFIZER


“Professor Jens Meyer and Strategy Regeneration have done an excellent job in helping us to apply the frameworks of value innovation.  Jens and the team are both practical and strategic – they have taught us the theory of value innovation and have driven us to execute the programs and the strategies that we developed.  We have found the work to be invaluable.”  AVIVA


“Strategy Regeneration’s expertise in conducting market explorations showed us that asking the right questions of customers and noncustomers is critical to getting insight into new value curves.  The value innovation process brought to light information about what customers were really saying that they wanted.  Strategy Regeneration led my team to new and different thinking about how to structure our offerings.”  STARWOOD


“I found the value innovation theory and methodology to be immensely interesting and of immediate practical use.”  AXA