Value Innovation

SRg’s Value Innovation in Practice (VIP) focuses on companies who wish toempower their key staff to innovate and gain a new set of core skills.

Companies recognize innovation is the lifeblood of their company and often deploy significant resources in terms of time, money and effort on ‘innovation’ initiatives. However after years of such programmes, most companies simply do not achieve the results expected. Everyone is frustrated. ‘Initiative fatigue’ sets in and a general culture of blame emerges.

When we take a closer look, we find this lack of progress hardly surprising as companies inadvertently stifle innovation. Initially they incorrectly define what they mean by innovation focusing on ‘evolutionary’ product line extensions. Secondly, they do not acknowledge that the tools and framework they apply only confirms the boundaries of their current market and the limited demand. Thirdly, companies apply inappropriate evaluation measures to the innovation, such as how effectively the innovation supports current operations, which is not the objective of the initiative

Targeted at mid to senior level managers the VIP programme takes the participants on a 3-month journey, after which they are equipped to deliver Blue Ocean Opportunities.

The programme’s modules force the participants to confront the basic realities of their current industries and competitive basis; provide the participants with the freedom to explore new opportunity spaces; and then empower them to reconstruct value propositions to satisfy entirely new demand.

The interim result of this programme is a set of new opportunity areas that are presented back to the company during a Visual Strategy Fair, allowing senior management to experience the excitement, enthusiasms and energy of the participant team. Thereafter senior management can decide on whether any of the ideas are investable and worthy to be taken forward to the realization phase.

The output of our engagement results in a fundamental mind-set or cultural change – reducing organizational hurdles and energizing executive boards, managers and employees with a new sense of focus and optimism.